Simple Tips for Healthy Eating

With a little food-play in the kitchen, a few tablespoons of creativity in the acquisition and gram cleverly combining foods to your menu, you will enrich your diet and will protect your health.

Eat more whole grains

One of the basic principles of proper and healthy diet is a daily basis use of whole grains. The use of whole grain in the diet gives energy to the human body (due to the rich content of complex carbohydrates), strengthens joints and helps in detoxification of the organism.

Half a bowl of fruit and vegetables

If you are not sure whether you get enough fruits and vegetables in the body or not, here’s a simple tip that can solve that question — half of your meal should be reserved just for fruits and vegetables. This quantity can be calculated with pressed fruit juice and shake, but the best way to eat it is fresh, or boiled if it comes to vegetables.

Play with proteins

When it comes to protein, there are more foods to choose from than you think: meat, seafood, beans and peas, eggs, nuts… Be creative and make different combinations so you can constantly surprise your body with healthy and delicious meals.

Switch to fat-free diet

Dairy products with one percent milk fat have a lot less calories, while also containing the same amount of calcium as fat milk. In addition, add milk without fat in other meals.

Reduce salt

Most Europeans and Americans eat too much salt especially endangered ones are the ones who eat in restaurants, where they have no control over the process of preparing meals. Therefore it is best when the weather permits it — prepare food for yourselves. Avoid salt when eating fresh vegetables, this way you will enjoy its real taste and you can get more vitamins.

Do not be afraid of seafood

Do not be afraid of the seafood prices in the supermarkets. Once in a while you can spend some money of your monthly income on fish and/or other seafood. This food is rich in omega 3 fatty acids that protect your heart and nervous system. Lemon juice is more than enough spice for the fish, but if you want a special coating it is recommended that a mild marinade is eaten with mustard and basil.

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