Home Remedies to Protect Your Skin in Summer

Summer days are here and we are almost ready to fight the tan with our sunscreen and other stuff! Looking at the scorching heat and bright summer, we all want to protect our skin so that we can survive from tan and other summer problems. Summer days call for special skin care because your skin tends to release oil trapped under the skin. Going out during summer without proper protection can harm your skin.

Summer friendly tips that can help to protect your skin

Wash your face

You should keep washing your face with cold water so that it helps to remove the dirt and dust collected over them. Avoid using face wash every time, because it can land up with dry or oily skin.

Wash your hair regularly

You should wash your hair regularly in summer days because there are high chances of dirt getting collected on your scalp. You should regularly wash your hair so that it gets rid of the dirt completely. If dirt settles down the scalp, there are high chances of scalp irritation and getting infected.

Opt for cold shower

No matter what, you should always opt for the cold shower because it helps to keep your body cool. Bathing regularly or probably twice a day with cold water can help to beat the heat regularly. Talking bath with cold water after sun exposure reduces the chance of skin breakout.

Exfoliate your skin

You should exfoliate your skin more often because it is the only way to scrap off the dead and tan skin. You should exfoliate your skin every alternate day so that the dead skin comes out and also your skin looks radiant always.

Use baby powder

If you sweat buckets in summer, you should always have baby powder in your bag because it is one of the essential products needed by all. Keep dabbing baby powder on your body along with your feet’s because they sweat in summer days as well.

Use sunscreen

You should use the proper sunscreen to protect your skin from harmful rays of the sun. You should apply sunscreen before you step out of the home and cover all the exposed parts equally well.

Keep wiping your skin often

You should keep wiping your skin often while traveling because dust and dirt collected on the surface of the skin can lead to breakouts. You should also keep wipes in your purse so that you can continuously clean your face off.

Eat lots of fruits

During summer days, most of suffer from dehydration and your skin tends to sag due to the same reason. You should concentrate on eating more of leafy vegetables as well as fruits that are high on water content.

Avoid using makeup

You generally sweat in summer days and hence you should avoid using makeup most of the time. Also, you should try to look natural and never skip using sunscreen even if you are not going out.

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