Coconut Oil For Injuries And Insect Bites

Coconut oil is great for injuries, infections and insect bites. Many people are rubbing themselves with coconut oil after the bite of mosquitoes and other insects because it stops the itching. What makes coconut oil good for these things? Here are the reasons:


– Anti-microbial performance. Coconut oil kills germs and bacteria at injury (cuts, bruises, etc.) Thereby it helps the wounds heal faster and not become infected.

– Coconut oil rejuvenates skin cells, helps remove dead skin cells and provides the moisture that the skin needs. These factors help in removing scars made from injuries, wounds, etc.

These are the wonders that coconut oil does for your skin:

  • Treating cuts and bruises
  • Coconut oil helps in removing and fading the most persistent scars
  • Athletes and pregnant women can avoid the occurrence of stretch marks by rubbing coconut oil to the desired location
  • Insect bites – mosquitoes, ants and other, oil will heal easier with coconut and you will have less pain and itching
  • Controlls the growth of moles and warts

How to use coconut oil?

The best way of applying coconut oil is actually before the injury happens. Maybe it seems strange, but it is quite possible. For example, if you are a body builder, you will certainly have at one point stretch marks. If you start using coconut oil preventative, you will completely avoid this problem. If your environment is full of mosquitoes, apply coconut oil before going to sleep and you will not scratch the bites in your dream.

An important factor is that you need to apply the coconut oil as long as the wound needs to heal. Since the skin quickly absorbs the coconut oil, it may be better to use a bandage or cloth soaked in oil. You can also put a bandage on the wound. This will extend the period in which the wound is exposed to coconut oil and so speed up the healing process.

Another factor is the regular usage of the coconut oil. Coconut oil may not lead to the rapid disappearance of the scar. It may take months until it achieves a greater effect. Therefore, it is important to constantly use coconut oil, with a lot of dedication and patience.

What kind of coconut oil should be used?

I advise you to get a natural, unprocessed organic coconut oil. Unprocessed oil preserves the full potential of coconut. Oil processing loses some of the healthy benefits. If you can not find unprocessed coconut oil from a trusted manufacturer, you can make it yourself. If you are buying it, make sure the manufacturer is good and reliable.

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