Ancient Tibetan Recipes For Good Health And Long Life

Tibetan pharmaceutical is one of the most established natural prescription arrangements on the planet. It depends on herbs. Some cure was containing more than a hundred fixings. The formulas that we exhibit you contain common fixings like garlic, ginger, lemons, and nectar. They are utilized for cleaning the collection of poisons, unwinding, and restoration.

Tibetan drink for solid heart and veins

This Cure utilized for cleaning vessels from greasy stores and

avert heart assaults.

Fixings: 1 kg lemon, 300 grams garlic


Granulate the lemon and the garlic. Put the blend in 1.5 l water and bubble 15 minutes. In the wake of bubbling put the blend in a jug and close it.

Utilize: Take half decil-iters on an unfilled stomach for 25 days. Enjoy a reprieve for ten days, at that point rehash the method. For recuperating, you should accept this solution until the point that you can rest easy, with the interruption of ten days.

Tibetan tea for unwinding

This cure is for unwinding and stress assuaging and it is trusted that draws out life.

Fixings: 5 g ground ginger, 1 tablespoon lemon juice, 2 tablespoons nectar, Little piece of hot pepper, Little piece anise

Arrangement: Put 2 L water to bubble. At the point when the water cools put every one of the fixings.

Utilize: Drink a bit of amid throughout the day, or drink one glass before each supper.

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